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Advent Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Advent - A Season of Waiting

Advent – 

You, season of darkness and of longing for light,
Lead us, who’re in darkness, away from the night.
We’re waiting, we’re watching with hope in our hearts,
       As that new day that breaks will see darkness depart.

Advent –

You, season of hopefulness, trust and of cheer –
Move forward in time to the coming New Year.
        It’s a time when the old is replaced by the new;
        When the birth of a baby waved darkness adieu.

God –

Dispel, with your love, human hatred and fear
As we step all together into that New Year.
       Let us face any troubles that may cause us despair,
 With your love, born within us - a love we must share.



Copyright on all my poems

Note:  Written November 2020.  This year has been a dreadful year for humans in every country of the world.  My words 'darkness and light' are really metaphors also, not just for the darkness of the northern hemisphere at this time of the year, but for the darkness we are all passing through because of this terrible Corona virus.  We're all waiting and hoping that in the new year, the vaccination that we hear so much about on the news, will bring us from the darkness and into the light once again and, whatever our religion - or none - that the human race can unite in love in the new year.  God bless you all.  Josie    
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