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Parody/Shadowing Poetry

By Josie Whitehead

Perfect Beau (The).jpg

(A Shadow Poem of 'She Walks in Beauty'
By Lord Byron)

By Josie Whitehead
Perfect Beau (The)

He walks with elegance and style
And throws the most seductive smile.
    Far from those distant cloudless climes

    He writes romantic verse that rhymes
And, in the aspect of her eyes,
She hopes he'll be her treasured prize.

And all that's best of day and night 
Is mellowed in this warming sight.
    One ray the less, one shade the more,
    This man, for certain, she'll adore.
That warming smile upon his face
Has, in her heart, a dwelling place.

And o'er that brow and on that cheek 
There hides a deepness and mystique 
     To charm the heart of many a maid
      Who, in his path, has gladly strayed.

With smile that wins, with eyes which glow,
He surely is the perfect beau! 

Copyright on all my poems 


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