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S p o r t s   P o e m s
Skateboarding -

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead 

Daredevil Dexterity

The bruises, black and blue, proclaim
I play a fun but breakneck game.
    The bleeding wounds, the scars, the cuts -
     A sport that needs some inner guts.

The thundering wheels under my feet,
The leaps, the dives, the land that’s neat;
     The twists the turns, the risk, the speed,
      Fulfils that driving inner need.

From break of day until the night
Skateboards fire burning delight.
     With danger from an inner urge,
     Skateboarding can be a scourge.

It’s self-inflicted pain on knees;
It’s hurtling through the air with ease.
    Adrenaline speeds through the veins 
    And decimates those aches and pains.

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