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People Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Someone Smiled at Me

I met someone nice today.
I said: 'I met someone nice today.'
     Please - I'm over here – look!
     No, not in your book.
I met someone nice today.

Someone smiled at me today.
Someone smiled at me I say! -
     With a warm friendly smile, 
     And a kindly profile.
Someone smiled at me today.

Someone spoke to me today  
In a cheerful and lighthearted way.
     Yes, with more than a grunt
     Or two words, very blunt.
Someone spoke to me today.

Someone had time to listen.

Someone had time to listen!
    They were not in great haste 
    With no time to waste.
I said someone found time to listen.

We're meeting again tomorrow.
I said: 'We're meeting again tomorrow.'
      I thought I'd drop you a word -
      But I doubt if you heard-
We’re meeting again tomorrow!

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