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Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

In a Land Far Away - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

In a Land Far Away

In a land far away, where the sun doesn’t burn, 
There is work to be done and there's money to earn.
    In a land far away, there’s clean water to drink;
    There are schools and teachers who train you to think.

In a land far away, there is food on your plate
And there's love and respect, not repression or hate.
      There’s a pinprick of light for a future ahead,
      Not a life that is bleak with a future you dread.

There’d be hope in that land, for a person like me –
And my plans for my life would be clear as could be.
     But as I stand in the dust in this African heat
     I can only surmise that my life’s but a cheat.


Copyright on all my poems

Group discussion/Class DiscussionWhy do people migrate?  Perhaps there will be people in the class whose families have come from other countries to settle here.  They bring their skills and their languages, and of course, their traditions and religions etc.  I migrated to Canada when I was young as a teacher.  The salaries for teachers were much, much higher than in England then and I saw it as an opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to help the young people there, and of course, as an opportunity to save some money.  I came back after 18 months and have lived in Britain since, but the experience was really great.  Josie

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