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Poems for Reflection
and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

Does Self-Motivation Matter? 
It Certainly Does!!!

Tennis Action Shot


By Josie Whitehead

Motivation Matters

It’s motivation, drive, desire
Which starts that inner burning fire.
     It’s feeling that you must succeed
     Which then becomes your utmost need.

Motivation makes you act
For it excites you, that’s a fact.
    With heart set on that special goal
    There’s burning deep within your soul.

The force behind that inward aim
Starts as a softly flickering flame.
    You’ll harness it and take control
    As you move swiftly to your goal.

That little spark can cause a fire
That’s fed and nurtured by desire.
     Its flickering flame's the actuation
     Which nurtures inner motivation.

Copyright on all my poems


* actuate: causing someone/something to act in a certain way.  (to motivate he/she/it/them).  'the actuation' is that which stimulates something to start.

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