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Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Heart & Hands
Heart & Hands
Open Your Heart.jpg
Open Your Heart

Open your eyes and let in the sunshine;

     Open your ears and hear the birds sing.

Open your mind and let in the knowledge;

     Open your heart and see what love brings.


Open yourself to the world that surrounds you.

     Prepare for the good but also the bad.

Absorb what you see and that which you hear of:

     The lovely, the ugly, the happy and sad.

Open your heart. Shut the door on those negatives.

      Open your heart and let love freely flow.

Open your heart and forgive those who hurt you

      Nurture those love-seeds; allow them to grow.


Grow up with strength, both in mind and in body,

     Accepting the honest, dismissing the cheat.

Prepare for the future that stretches before you:

    Bestow mercy and goodness to all whom you meet.

Copyright on all my poems

What does 'Open Your Heart' Mean?

1:  to talk in a very open and honest way about one's feelings: 'He opened his heart (to her) and told her how he really felt.'


2: to begin to be generous and kind.  

In the above poem, I am saying that when you open your heart, you let in love.  I think that when you open your heart, you turn your back on anger and hatred and show love and kindness to others in your world - or perhaps those who are not directly in your world.  You could be giving money to a charity, for example, for the good of others.

Try to do one good thing for others each day and I hope someone will do a good thing for you often and for me too.  Think of some of them and discuss it in your group.  Josie 


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