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Rain Cloud


Weather Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Rain Cloud
Tropical Storm


By Josie Whitehead

With Vicious Attack

A storm is like the *infantry

    Which can attack with force.

Tornadoes are quite fearsome

    Flattening everything on course.


Hurricanes whip up the waves

    That crash upon the shore,

And then, unheeding, hurry on

     Destroying more and more.


Blizzards bring their mighty winds

    And cause the snow to fall.

Their destructive, catastrophic acts

     Bring misery to all.


Storms that cause severe floods

    Cause havoc and despair.

Winds and water wreak their all

     With ceaseless lack of care.


A storm is like the infantry,

    But an army that can cheat,

For, before it marches forth with hate,

     Its nature can be sweet.

Copyright on all my poems

The infantrysoldiers or military units that fight on foot, in modern times typically with rifles, machine guns, grenades, mortars, etc., as weapons.

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