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Wind Poems

By Josie Whitehead

North wind grey 2 .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

North Wind (The)

The north wind’s cold and blustery

     And speaks of ice and snow

And that cold north wind has travelled far,

      Yet still has far to go.


The small birds fluff their feathers out

     And shelter from the storm

For this raging wind is a bitter wind

     That turns its back on warm.


Wild creatures seek a hideaway;

     And mankind heads for home;

For northerlies chill man and beast

     Who carelessly may roam.    


The north wind strides *assiduously

     Through woodland, field and sea

And the only gift that it bestows

     Is a bite for you and me.


It ignores the plight of man and beast

     And, steadfast in its track,

The north wind is a friendless force

     That never once looks back.

Copyright on all my poems

* Assiduously:  With great care, caution and perseverance, ie it doesn't give up too easily.

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