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Our Poetic Language - 
Acrostic Poetry

By Josie Whitehead

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Hope - An Acrostic Poem .jpg

H   O   P   E 
(An Acrostic Poem)
By Josie Whitehead


H    Hope stems from desire that’s conceived deep inside,



O    Optimistically sprouting those seed pods with pride.



P    Prospects?  They’re good so set forth on your course.



E    Expectations?   For certain!  They’re your driving force!



Copyright on all my poems

Discussion What definition do you give for the word: 'hope'?  Think about this at home and bring in some of your own thoughts/alternative words for group discussion tomorrow. You may have your own hopes for yourself or especially for other people, or for things happening in our world.  We all have.   Josie 

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