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Friendship Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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Lasting Friendship


By Josie Whitehead

Walk Through My Lifetime

Walk through my lifetime and be my true friend.

Be someone I trust well – on whom I’ll depend.   

     Be there when I need you; be there at my side.

     When I have my problems in you I’ll confide.


But friendship is two-ways; I’m there for you too:

Both loyal and steadfast; both constant and true.

     I’m the one who you come to with a smile or a frown;

     When something is funny, or when life gets you down.


Be there over coffee to share your good news.

Be there when I’m lonely, or feeling the blues.

     And, recalling the joy for those hours that we spend,

     It’s important to say: ‘Thank you so much my friend.’

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