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Rain Cloud


 Simile Poems 

- R a i n -

By Josie Whitehead 

Rain Cloud
I've written many SIMILE poems
Rain - A Simile Poem - Heading .jpg

This was the top performing poem of all my poems every year it seems, but do NOT copy this poem or any other of my poems for use on other websites please.  I hold the copyright on all my poems.  Thank you so much.  The children are learning what copyright means too I hope.)


By Josie Whitehead

Rain - A Simile Poem

Rain – wild, lashing, storming,
Like an animal confined to a cage.

Rain - as gentle as the breeze
That tenderly kisses your cheek.

Rain - busily working - pattering -
Clattering like keys on a computer.

Rain – refreshing, cool, moist
And fresh as a fruity iced cocktail.

Rain - as cold as the icy snowflakes
Which coat the mountain ridges.

Rain - as kind and life-giving 
As the hand of Mother Nature.


Copyright on all my poems




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