Summer Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Symphony of Summer (The) .jpg
Bird Silhouettes


By Josie Whitehead

Symphony of Summer

Walk in summer sunshine, please walk in.
      Jack Frost has taken his curtain call.
Now let the symphony of new life begin
      With a serenade of birdsong before nightfall.

Make your debut now, oh summer sun.
     The audience applauds your longed for heat.
Upon their skin let your warm fingers run.
     The warmth of your sunshine is so sweet.

Now perform your best, summer season.
     Encourage forth new life without a cue.
Each, with its own appointed time and reason,
     Hills, dales and woodlands quietly renew.

Thrill your audience with a spectacular show,
     Warming the cold earth and growing the wheat.
A glorious finale comes with the autumnal glow
    As your performance here is quite complete.

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