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War Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Heroes and Heroines

Heroes and heroines indeed stand apart.
They’re often defined by greatness of heart.
    Their own safety comes second to other folks’ need
    And with courage they act, with assurance and speed.

Whilst many retreat when there’s danger about,
The heroes and heroines stay, there’s no doubt.
    You’ll not find a coward will come to your aid,
    But a hero will be there - and without being paid!

They’ll not flaunt themselves with arrogant pride,
But their kindness and courage are hidden inside.
    Most heroes are human - there are animals too -
    Who’ll face danger and death for me and for you.

They’re sometimes the champions who fight for a cause
And they’re not the ones striving for fame or applause.
    They’re just ordinary people with hearts of pure gold,
    Who are generous, lion-hearted, selfless and bold.

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