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By Josie Whitehead
I'm Not a Puppet on Your Strings

I'm NOT a puppet on your strings
     To dance at your command.
You'll NOT get me to live my life
     By the movement of YOUR hand.

I'm not your doll, not owned by you
    Or other human beings.
When others see me in this world,
    It's ME - that's who they're seeing.

I'm not a puppet on YOUR strings,
     An extended part of you.
I have my own clear gifts from God 
     And others see these too.

I’m not a pot, moulded in clay, 
    Crafted by you alone:
I’m me, just me, my own true self –
    Not something you can own.

I've discovered, in this life of mine,
     My own distinctive strengths 
And, although I'm glad to have you there,
     I'll keep you at arm's length.

You also have a life to make.
     DON'T tell me what to do,
For my freedom's mine and mine alone.
     I'm a free soul just like you!

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