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Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Josie and King.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

We're British and We Know It

We’re British, and we know it.
      We’re surrounded by the sea.
We start our day each morning
     With our morning cup of tea.

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
     Go hand in hand, of course.
Apple pies or rhubarb crumble –
     Not without the custard sauce!

We’re British and we know it,
     And our countryside’s a dream -
And you'll find some English tearooms
     Serving scones with jam and cream.

The tinkle of the china cups -
    But allow the tea to brew -
Or to mash the tea for some folk –
     Well, it just depends on you.

We’re British and we know it -
     And our history goes way back -
And we fight to keep our islands
     When our enemies attack!

We love our country villages
    And cricket on the green,
And the pride in British gardens
    Is something to be seen.

You can say that you are British
    If you love your fish and chips.
British men don’t show emotions –
    They just keep stiff upper lips.

To jump the queue is something
    That you never, ever do!
It was bound to be the British
    Who invented the first queue.

British men just love their football:
    It’s then you’ll hear them shout.
They let off steam, they down their beer,
    And stiff upper lips are out.

They support their teams most strongly
    And, if it’s a winning side,
You’ll see that they are British
    As they wave their flags with pride.

British folk are known by everyone
    To be tolerant and fair
But they’ll quickly rise in combat,
    So you foreigners, take care!!    

I’m British and I know it,

   Though of course not so well known

As King Charles who’s British also,

    Reigning from his royal throne.

Copyright on all my poems





CLASS DISCUSSION:  This poem probably reflects on a different world today than the world of my own childhood.  In what way would you say that Britain has changed over the last half a century or soWrite down 5 changes that you can easily see in your life of today, which don't agree with those in my poem, and perhaps you'll find lots more things which have changed, ie people's attitudes towards things in our modern world.  What further changes would you like to see in your own lifetime here in Britain?


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