Sports Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

On the Ball

Baseballs, footballs, balls both large and small.
Golf balls and tennis balls bring sport to one and all.
    Soft balls, hard balls, plastic, rubber, leather –
    Balls to toss on sunny days or kick in winter weather.

Round balls, long balls made to push or shove.
Balls to kick with heavy boots, or throw by hand in glove.
    Balls that pass across a net, or balls to shoot inside.
    Balls of every shape and size are popular worldwide.

Soft balls thrown in children’s games; those engaged in sport.
Balls to bounce and those to hit – yes, balls of every sort.
    Let’s rejoice in their diversity, let’s celebrate their fun –
    And for those who use them in their sport - - - - 

                                     God bless them every one!

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