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Senses Poems/Summer Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Rain Cloud
Rain Cloud
Summer Shower.jpg



By Josie Whitehead

Summer Shower (A)

Hear the thunder, feel the rain

And smell it on the grass again.

     Taste the freshness in the air,

     And feel it dampening face and hair.

Hear it as it patters down

On the pavements of the town.

     Raindrops dripping from the trees.

     Feel the softness of the breeze.


Pattering rain is softly cool,

With droplets like some pretty jewel.

    Look up at those clouds of grey

    Which, on wind’s breath, just drift away.


What’s been left?  A sky of blue;

Grass which drinks small drops of dew;

    Welcome sun to warm my face 

    From lofty heights, far out in space.


Copyright on all my poems

Note:  When writing poetry, especially that of the natural world, use your 'senses' to bring in what you feel, see, taste, touch and smell, wherever possible.  Think of a summer shower and relate this to all of these senses.  No, I haven't used all of them in here, but I have used many.  Use personification:  'Grass which drinks small drops of dew' (as a human or animal drinks) and 'on wind's breath.'   Make a special note about the metre, which is rather unusual.  The poem is written with trochees (trochiac) metre, which is the opposite of the most popular iambic metre.  You have one heavy beat and one light one all the way through.  Josie 

Metre - See H E R E
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