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People Against Plastic Poem

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

People Against Plastic

Those plastic straws and carrier bags,
     Used once and thrown away,
And other plastic throw-aways 
       Don’t go but quietly stay.

These and all other plastic things
       Pollute our land and sea,
And yet, with thought, this can be stopped,
      And yes, by you and me.

The creatures of our natural world
       Don’t want our human waste.
Their world, that’s shared with all of us,
       Has sadly been defaced.

We lived our lives in years gone by
     Without this dreadful scourge
And only, in quite recent times,
      We’ve seen this mess emerge.

It’s like a nightmare, but much worse,
      From which  we cannot wake,
And have we left it far too long
      To put right our mistake?

Before more of our world is killed,
      And birds and beasts are dead,
Reject plastic in all its forms.
     Use natural stuff instead.

We'll fight the war on plastic things,
      And, yes, for sure it’s war,
For if we don’t, the time will come
     When our world will  be no more.

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