Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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Truth - Poem Heading .jpg
Truth - For Older Children

Truth is something humans seek,
     But also, sometimes, fear.
Truth is something we may need
     To render meaning clear.

Truth can cause you inner hurt:
     Are you sure you want to know?
But truth can bring you inner joy –
     A pleasing, warming  glow.

Truth can be concealed from sight  -
     Restrained within the soul –
But freedom from this prison cell
     Must surely be its goal.

Truth can be revealed, you know.
      Own up to things you’ve done.
Erase dark clouds that cause you grief
       And draw in summer’s sun.

Truth has a friend called honesty-
      Linked well to love and pride.
With these good traits within your life
      Let honour be your guide.



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