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Poems for Reflection 
and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

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Forest Trees
City Sky

T W O    W O R L D S

By Josie Whitehead

Two Worlds

I sometimes grumble when the trees
    Let down their leaves and flowers,
For in my garden, ‘neath these trees,
    I work for hours and hours.

I sweep the leaves, I plant the bulbs,
    I mow the lawn and then,
The weeks go by or just the hours
     And it’s there to do again.

But, underneath these lovely trees,
     I breathe in God’s fresh air.
I hear the blackbird and the thrush,
    Who sing without a care.

The sun shines down and warms the soil.
    The rain brings life and growth
And we are glad, of course we are,
     That we have much of both.

But, in the cities of our world,
     Man’s mark is clearly seen,
For, in this urban jungle-land,
    Is yet another scene -

For towering skyward, cheek by jowl,
     The man-made buildings rise,
And pollution from the city streets
     Is thrown into the skies.

This unseen killer roams around,
    Attacking old and young.

It sheds not leaves or nature’s flowers,
   But seeks your human lung.

I’ll quickly leave these city streets;
    Goodbye polluted air,
And in my garden, far from here,
     I’ll work without a care.

Copyright on all my poems

* Cheek by jowl:  The word has no or almost no existence outside the idiom, which appeared in texts in Shakespeare's lifetime, so a very old expression and worth learning.  It means living close together.  

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