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Poems for Reflection and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

Brown Eyes


By Josie Whitehead

Eye Speak

Mercurial messengers of meaning,
Signallers, ambassadors - eyes!
Adroit manipulators of mind-set.

Flashing, flickering, fluttering,
Emitting anger, anguish and ambition.
Eyes are the mirrors of our souls.


Reaching, touching, affecting others -
The eyes communicate confidence,
Intimate trust or insecurity.

Surveyors of the world around us,
Purveyors of information to the mind
And conveyors of truthful images.

The eyes bridge the physical gap
And become the porters of perversity;
Ambassadors of affection and alliance.

Remember the power of your eyes -
Your very own special secret agents -
Emissaries, adversaries - power points.

Copyright on all my poems





NOTE:  From a very early age we learn that our eyes play an important part in communication.  It is usually the first thing which people notice and yet we use our whole body and voice in the communication of how we feel.   So, in groups, try communicating without words.  I learnt ballet for years and mime was very important - even from the first examination.  Josie  - - - - Without speaking, convey by face only, the look of horror/happiness/sorrow etc

'porters of perversity'':   A porter carries something (in this case it carries a bad message to someone else, ie a perverse message or a message that the person is thinking something bad  - perhaps  what they intend to do to you).  

This poem is one of almost 400 poems chosen by teachers and children right across my homeland of Yorkshire in 2010 for publication by an educational publisher.  Sadly the books are no longer available as he sold his business to a publisher who doesn't publish poetry - - but you have it on here.  Josie


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