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Wind Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead
Wind, A Fickle Force

The wind is a force that is *fickle, it’s true,
But how much of its life-force is known well by you?
     So, where does it come from and where does it go?
      It is named by direction and measured by flow.

Does the wind blow much stronger on land or the sea? 
Can its wind power be harnessed by humans like we?
      If the wind's so important, well, what can it do?
      It shapes deserts and mountains and can alter a view.

The wind can distribute both pollen and seeds
And its rain-laden clouds bring the water they need.
     The birds use the wind to push them on course, 
     And it helps planes along with a strong gusty force.

Strong headwinds for certain make air travel tough
When both planes and small birds will find travelling rough.
     A tailwind is different as it pushes behind
     And may shorten a journey you’ll thankfully find.

How else does the wind do good things for mankind?
Is there something important that springs to your mind?
     The wind creates energy that’s useful to all - 
     Have you seen any windmills, both stately and tall?

Each turn of those blades tells an engine to start
And energy’s created deep down in its heart.
     No harmful pollutants will poison your air.
     Wind powers the turbines with love and with care.

These giants work hard for both you and for me, 
Though a few people say that they’re ugly to see.
     They march over fields, across hills and the sea,
     Their sails powered by wind making good energy.

The wind’s gentle breezes cool down a hot day,
And make it more pleasant for children to play.
When harsh winter winds bite my nose and my cheeks
    It’s then that the sun’s warming rays I soon seek.

The wind can cause havoc when storms rage and roar
And humans rush home and shut tightly their door.
      But what of the wildlife whose homes are outside? 
      Well those who can run will seek shelter and hide.

There’s one thing for certain: the wind’s here to stay,
And I guess you will meet it outside when you play.
     Remember the good and the harm wind can do
     And as you think of these things, I will now say adieu.

Copyright on all my poems 





* Fickle:  Changeable, especially with regard to one's affections: pleasant one day and the opposite the next day.  This word is usually applied to humans, but I've used it for 'personification' regarding the wind's behaviour towards we humans.  Josie

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