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Health and Wellbeing Poems
for Children

. . . . S l e e p
By Josie Whitehead
Sleeping Baby


By Josie Whitehead

Importance of Sleep (The)

A feeling of pleasure envelops your brain.
    Your day drifts away without sound.
Sleep takes your mind to those far away plains,
     Releasing your feet from the ground.

The March winds can clatter, rain it can patter, 
     But you’re carried along on a tide.
The power of the mind is a marvellous thing,
     Conveying your thoughts from inside.

Sleep is important to both man and beast.
    It’s essential for all living things.
It’s sleep that you need to keep you alert 
   And remember the good health it brings.

Sleep is a little like fuelling your tank 
     For without it, your 'car' wouldn’t start.
Sleep helps you concentrate next day in class
    And sustains both your brain and your heart.

It helps you remember the things which you’ve done   
    And encodes what you’ve learnt through the day.  
Cramming facts in your head before doing a test?
     Well I think you will find that won’t pay. 
Sleep keeps you happy, healthy and wise.
    You’ll surely agree this makes sense.
Sleep helps defend you when viruses strike,
    Maintaining the body’s defence.

Your body likes routine so do not put off
    The hour that you should say goodnight.
Then discover the joy of the warmth of your bed
      As you drift towards Dreamland tonight.

Copyright on all my poems



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