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Time for Bed
Poem for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Time for Bed

'It's time for bed,' said Mummy.
     'Yes, it's time for bed,' said Dad -
And, yes, when children hear these words,
     They often make them sad.

They want the day to carry on;
     They want more time with friends,
And children feel a little sad
     When the day comes to its end.

But then the yawning takes its hold,
     And tiredness starts to spread,
And, oh, yawn yawn: 'I'm feeling tired,
     And want to go to bed.'

You're glad you have a nice warm bed,
     And into it you'll creep.
Another yawn, you shut your eyes,
     And soon are fast asleep.

All creatures of the day must sleep
     When daytime turns to night,
And night creatures begin their lives
     Beneath the pale moonlight.

Then, when the darkness disappears,
      And our world's lit by the sun,
It's time for them to go to bed
     And your turn to have fun.  



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