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Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Image by Diego PH
Magic Wand


By Josie Whitehead

Let Magic Happen

Children, listen carefully:

    There’s something you must do,

And it’s not just something you should do,     

     But I should do this too.

Move from that pleasant comfort zone
      Into a brand new place:
Look round for something different
     Or notice that new face.

Don’t dig yourself into a rut 
      And not try something new:
There could be talents you may have
     That are waiting to break through.

There could be people you have met 
     Who’ve never seen your smile.

There could be clothes you’d never wear
    ‘Because they’re not my style!’

There could be sports you’ve never tried
    Or books you’ve never read,
‘But I don’t think I’d like that sport!’
      Is that the thing you’ve said?

Magic comes not from a wand
     But by the things you do.
Get out of that soft ‘comfort zone’
     And try out something new.

The opportunities will come:
    You’ll grab them if you’re smart.
And every day's a 'magic day'
     And a darned good day to start!

Copyright on all my poems

FOLLOW UP:  Talk to others at your table:  What sports/activities etc do they do?  Why don't you just try it?  Now try reading a different poem and recommend it to others.  Josie

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