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Poems for Reflection and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

Something and Nothing - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Something and Nothing

Something said to Nothing:
   'Come - let’s go out today.'
Said Nothing back to Something
   'Oh, go away and play!

'There’s nothing that I want to do.
    There’s nothing left to say.'
Something said: 'Just look outside -
    It’s such a lovely day.

'Let’s do something interesting;
    Let’s think of something good.'
'Ah yes, that would be very nice
     If only I just could!'

'Well, let’s go for a country walk.
     We’ll see the world outside.'
'Well I’m not going anywhere,'
      Was what her friend replied.

'Well how about a film then -
    Or climb the Eiffel Tower?
Come into the garden then
   And see the lovely flowers.'

Nothing said to Something
    Not one word, nor little sound,
For her life was very boring 
    As her friend quite quickly found.

Copyright on all my poems

NOTE:  Don't spend your life being like 'Nothing' or you could find yourself without any friends I think.




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