Reflective Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Construction Worker
Working With Headphones
Teacher and Pupil
Health consultation
Vegetable Garden
Potter Making Bowl
Cleaning Mirror
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Dog at Vet


By Josie Whitehead

Called to be Disciples

Called by God to be disciples.

    Called by God to do our best.

Called by God to use our talents.

    Called by God and by Him, blessed.


People called from every nation -

    Every town and every place,

Should aim to use what God has given,

     Regardless of their creed or race.


Teachers, doctors, drivers, cleaners;

     Gardeners, poets, builders, vet:

Each person has their own endowments -

      And meant to use them, just you bet!


As the children of God’s kingdom,

    You'll soon find, revealed to you,

What are those special gifts you carry,

     And, in this world, what should you do.

Your paths in life are greatly varied.

     Your special path you should pursue.

But, God, be with us as we travel,

     In our lives, and led by you.

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