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Poems about
Our Natural World

By Josie Whitehead

Illustrated Flowers

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By Josie Whitehead

Look at Our World

Look at our world: see the work that God’s done? 
Look at the heavens - at the stars, moon and sun.
     Look all around you and what do you see?
     A world made by God that’s for you and for me.

Look at the people you meet in the street.
Look at the smiles of the ones who you greet.
     Look all around you and what do you see?
     People with feelings, like you and like me.

Look at the animals, both the large and the small -
Those who are tiny and those that are tall.
     Look at the flowers and the birds in the trees
     And thanks be to God that he made all of these.

Look at the harvests of barley and wheat;
Look at the fruit which is juicy and sweet.
   Give thanks to our God who has made everything
    And, with joy in our hearts, let us gratefully sing.

Copyright on all my poems 




Follow Up:  This beautiful poem, written in dancing dactylic metre, celebrates the wonder of the world we live in and, hopefully, we appreciate.  I honestly think that time spent in our natural world, with time to take in all the beauty of everything we see and hear, is therapeutic for us all.  Living, cut off from nature, makes for a stressful life - and surely there's more to life than working, passing exams, getting carried along on the sea called ambition, whilst missing the most important things in life - all the things and much more in our world of today.  Let's love it and care for it - all of us!!!!  Josie 



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