Adverb Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Alarm Clock

S O F T L Y 

An Adverb Poem
ritten in Dactylic tetrameter - (Dum diddy, dum diddy) etc

By Josie Whitehead

Softly - An Adverb Poem

Softly the dawn draws back curtains of night.
Softly the sun brings to earth its bright light.
   Softly the blackbird’s song welcomes the dawn
   And I quietly awaken and give my first yawn.

Softly my mind comes to life and I think.
Softly my eyes slowly open and blink.
   The alarm’s not gone off and now I am late
    And I cannot think 'softly' when I feel irate.

Copyright on all my poems

This was one of the 400 of my poems published in 2010.  I've written three times this number of poems to date in addition to the 400.   Oh, I must find a new hobby!  Josie