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Reflective/Discussion Poems/
Secondary Schools

By Josie Whitehead

You Adults of Tomorrow.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

You Adults of Tomorrow

You adults of tomorrow:

     What future do you see? -

A fairer world, a greener world -

     A place where all are free?


You’ll probably live much longer

     Than people gone before,

But you’ll retire much later,

     A fact of which I’m sure.


You adults of tomorrow:

     Will you be travelling less?

Our planes and motor cars have left

     Your planet in a mess.


Instead of jumping into cars,

    Improve things where you live.

Too much has been neglected

     Which I hope you will forgive.


You adults of tomorrow:

     You are the children of today.

Don’t think you cannot change things,

     Then feel full of dismay.


You must hurry back to basics –

     Put love where there is hate.

Make a start on this immediately

     For you do not need to wait.


Your love must show in actions

     From the love within your hearts:

A kindly word and smiling face

     Could be the place to start.


Instead of thinking selfishly,

    Remember other folk

And think of ways of pleasing them,

     Not ways that will provoke.


You adults of tomorrow:

     Love the grandparents of today.

They’d love to hear from you sometimes.

     Do this before you play.


Listen to these older folk.

     There’s much to learn from them.

Oh, enough of all this preaching –

     It’s time to say 'amen.'


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