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Poems for Reflection
and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

Astronomical Clock
Astronomical Clock 


By Josie Whitehead

Tomorrow's World

Will tomorrow’s world be different
     To the world we see today?

Although we’ve tried to shape this world,
    Today’s world will not stay.

Well, listen to the news tonight:
     For certain there’ll be change,
And imagine if not one thing changed:
      Well, wouldn’t that be strange?


Now think of all the changes made
      Within the last few years:
What things are being done for us?
      What news perhaps brings fears?

Imagine how it was, in fact,
     Two hundred years ago.
What sort of world, for children then,
      Was that in which to grow?

Do people in our modern world
    Face suffering and pain -
Or live in countries suffering drought
     Because there’s little rain?

Is human hardship caused by war
    Or by hatred - perhaps greed? 
Are there children living in our world
     Who’re very much in need?

Discuss these thoughts within your class:
    Tomorrow’s world’s for you –
And tomorrow’s world will surely change: 
     We all know that is true.  


   Copyright on all my poems


Follow Up:  Write down ten things which you would like to see changed in our world.  Don't forget human behaviour.  Then, in small groups, discuss one by one, the things on your lists.

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