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Key Stages 3 and 4
and for all ages actually of course!

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Choice is Always Yours (The)

The road ahead?  You’re quite unsure.

You’re far too young and immature.

     That road ahead?  You cannot choose.

     Too much advice can quite confuse.


The road of life is far from straight

With twists and turns at every gate.

      The weight of choice is hard to bear

       And when you’re young, can this be fair?


The ups, the downs of working life:

Those joyful times; those days of strife.

      Each day, once gone, will not return.

      There’s work to do; money to earn.


As humans we must surely strive

To find work where we’ll live and thrive:

      Employment where we’ll use our skills:

      And work to help us pay our bills.


Perhaps you have a deep desire -

An inward urge - a burning fire.

    That road for you lies straight ahead

     And on this path you’ll boldly tread.


For others, do not rush ahead,

But pause awhile and wait instead.

     The road you take, of course is yours:

     Do NOT be pushed.  Step back and pause!

Copyright on all my poems

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