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Reflective Poems

By Josie Whitehead

It's Hope that Puts Wind in Your Sails.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

It's Hope That Puts Wind in Your Sails

HOPE’s not the anchor that’s weighing you down,

       But it’s that which puts wind in your sails.   

HOPE’s not apprehension and the feeling of fear,

       But a seed where new life can prevail.             


HOPE’s not the sparrow that hides in its hedge

       But the falcon that streaks through the sky.

HOPE’s not a graveyard for unfulfilled dreams

       But embracing a future that’s nigh.                                          

 HOPE’s not a dribbling and slow-flowing brook

       But a river that’s bound for the sea.

HOPE’s not the tears for the life that is past

       But a future for you and for me.

Copyright on all my poems


Note:  To put wind in your sails:  To give you inner confidence to go forward in life.  I was especially thinking of the people of Ukraine when I wrote this, this morning, but you don't have to look far to see many other people who have had to 'up sticks and go' in life.

Sometimes your life changes course.  You either decide to do this yourself or circumstances beyond your control make you decide to change course.  I've done this, but I wasn't forced to do it.  Now, looking back, I wouldn't have missed the experience one little bit.  I certainly had wind in my sails for I  sailed on the Empress of England to a new life in Canada (Vancouver)  along with hundreds of other young people from Britain in the 1960s.  This didn't mean that much later I decided to come back to England, but I was certainly very apprehensive when I decided to go.  Travelling to the other side of the world was not as it is today, but it was my adventure in life. It has given me an inner knowledge of how it feels to be an immigrant in a new country, and what difficulties are faced in getting work - and where our British qualifications were not accepted then.   In other words is wasn't tears for the life I had that was past, but the opening of new door to the future.   God bless you all who are travelling to a new life too.    Josie

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