Poems for Reflection and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

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Image by Ben Hershey


By Josie Whitehead


Winter’s wind blows down the street;
  The rain joins in for fun,
But being homeless isn’t good
    When all is said and done.

And this, a wealthy country,
     Is where you’ll find these folk:
Oh, being homeless, on the streets
     For certain’s not a joke!

I huddle in a shop doorway;
   I see folk passing by:
It’s hard to know why I am here
   And I’ll try hard not to cry.

The people passing by glance down:
   There’s pity in their eyes.
I’m not alone out on the streets
    Beneath the winter’s skies.

Don’t judge a sleeper on the streets:
     He could be you or me:
And being homeless – think of this:
     It’s bad, you must agree.

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