Reflective/Discussion Poems

for Secondary Schools

By Josie Whitehead

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Basketball Player on Wheenchair


By Josie Whitehead

You're Somebody Special

You're somebody special and I'm special too.
It’s lovely to meet you.  Well, how do you do?
      You’ll have your own gifts, and talents galore -
      But don’t give up looking.  I’m sure you have more.

Now, search out those talents and make yourself known
And don’t go through life as a person unknown.
      Look for the things which are special in you.
      It’s lovely to meet you.  Well, how do you do?

Don’t hide in that corner.  Come into the light. 
Show the side of your person that’s shining and bright.
     Speak clearly and surely!  Put a smile on your face:
     Don’t skulk in a corner as if in disgrace.

Don’t listen to those who are hurtful and mean:
They’re not the good folk that you’ll want on YOUR scene.
      Make friends with the people who’ll show you respect. 
      There are many of those who you’ll know, I expect.

You’re somebody special - and I am, that’s true -
So discover the things that are good within you.
      Look the world in the face, put on a sweet smile 
      And the things you’ll achieve will be very worthwhile.

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