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Save Our Planet Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Poet's Lament - Main Heading.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Poet's Lament (The)

A poet, in his garden sat,
     And sang a sad lament:
And, from the sadness in his heart,
     His song was truly meant.

The robin stopped the song he sang
     And looked down from above.
This human being’s soulful voice
     Drowned out his song of love.

The blackbird too looked down on him
     And thought about his song
Which seemed so full of dolefulness.
     To him it seemed so wrong.

'Perhaps,' the sparrow sadly said:
     'He knows more things than we.
He thinks of things we cannot know
     And things we’ll never see.'

And this was right: the poet’s thoughts
     Were of the years ahead
When humans, with their selfish ways,
     Caused wars and buried dead.

He thought of how we little care
     For our lovely planet’s health,
But pollute the very air we breathe,
     And just to bring us wealth.

He thought of winds whose violence
     Can tear down homes and trees 
And rain that pours with ceaselessness
     That nothing can appease.

The poet’s song rose loud and clear,
     And sadness filled the air,
And those who heard him sing his song,
     Felt his sadness and despair.

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