Poems about our Natural World

By Josie Whitehead

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Sundown 2.jpg


By Josie Whitehead


The evening sun has disappeared;
     It's burning tongue devoured our light.
With stealth and guile it slunk away
     Whilst looting daylight, leaving night.

The restless wind now plays its part,
     With gusty, blustery breaths that tease,
And it grasps with glee the autumn leaves
     Tossed carelessly upon its breeze.

In forsaken streets of many a town
    Employers all have locked their doors,
And workers homeward made their way
     To seek respite from daily chores. 

The town clock chimes for six o'clock.
     Aromas spring from far and wide
As meals, prepared in cosy homes,
Are cooked with care and served with pride.

Goodbye to sunshine's golden rays,
     Replaced by moonlight's gentler beams.
Tired youngsters, snuggled in warm beds,
    Are soon engulfed in childhood dreams.

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Note:  Did you notice the personification I used in this poem, the assonance and the double rhyming etc?  If not, look again.  Josie