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S H E  -

By Josie Whitehead

Mother and Daughter


By Josie Whitehead


'She’s so lovely.' they said, as she gave her first yell

And her parents quite quickly fell under her spell.

    'We’ve a dear little girl, with such lovely blue eyes.

    And she’s happy with life for she not often cries.'


With her early years gone, she speaks, reads and writes.

She plays with her friends and is friendly and bright.

     She performs very well in the school swimming pool

     And before you can blink she’s at secondary school.


She’s now thinking ahead to a worthwhile career.

With exams well behind her, the future seems clear.

     She meets and she marries a lovely young man

     But the way her life changes was not in that plan.


For she’s now changing nappies - her night’s not her own -

And with babies who’re crying she feels all alone.

      She’s no time for herself – no, not even to think,

      And she seems to spend hours at the old kitchen sink!    


Her identity’s gone for she’s now known as Mum.

There are days when she wonders just who she’s become.

      Now the clock hands move faster than ever before

      And their toys always seem to be littering her floor.


The years have flown by since she took them to school.

Oh!  The speed that life passes can sometimes seem cruel.

     Whilst her life was concerned with her own family’s health,

     Many signs of old age have crept on her with stealth.


Now she’s busy again with a child in her arms

Who looks into her face and he smiles at her charms.

      This first tiny grandchild soon turns into three.

      So, could anyone else be as happy as she?


Copyright on all my poems



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