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Reflective/Thinking Poems

By Josie Whitehead

There are lots and lots of dots
who live in our homes and classrooms.  Who are they?
They are people like you and also me of course - a dot which is waiting to make its first mark. Make your first dot/mark today and discover your own talent.  Then make larger dots along life's way by the good things you do in your lives.  We all have talent.


Celebrate Dot Day on or around September 15-ish - but I say every day of the year is the year you should make your mark in this world.

By Josie Whitehead

International Dot Day

Each day can be your ‘dot’ day

      When you start to make your mark.

It’s a day that lights your inner fire

      That starts from your own spark.


Each day can be your ‘dot’ day -

      You’ve got talent of your own –

And you’re one of many others

     So you’ll not face life alone.


You’ll discover special talents

     Which may set you quite apart –

So think about the things you like

      And listen to your heart.


Ask yourself a special question:

      ‘What things do I enjoy?’

And it’s there you may find talents

      Within each girl and boy.


‘I can’ are words you’ll keep in mind

     As you put that tiny dot,

And ‘can’ is such a special word

     And much stronger than ‘cannot’.


So use this very special day

      To think of ‘only you’

And, with pen and paper ready,

      You will know just what to do.    



Copyright on all my poems

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