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S i m i l e   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

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(A Simile Poem)

By Josie Whitehead

Anger - a Simile Poem

ANGER - As scorching as a fire that rages,
                 Destroying everything in its path.

ANGER - As wild as the wanton wind,
                  Lashing furiously like a whip.

ANGER - As vicious as a snarling beast, 
Ready to strike and kill with its sharp teeth.

ANGER - As brutal as the sharpened knife
                 That waits to kill its unsuspecting victim.

ANGER - As hateful as the hand of death
                 Slaughtering without benevolence.

ANGER - As cruel as the spiteful cat
                 Who enjoys tormenting its terrified victim.

ANGER - The spark that lights the flame
Which can cause wars and death in our world.

A N G E R - A N G E R - A N G E R 


Copyright on my poems



Note:  I've used stronger and stronger words which reflect the feeling of anger, getting stronger as you go through my poem.  The last verse is certainly one to reflect on, especially in this day and age, although man's warring has always been there.

Read the following article and discuss in groups.  Then: how do you deal with anger yourself?  Anger Management

Note also the power alliteration (repeated first letters) to bring force to words you use, eg:  wild as the wanton wind etc etc  Use it in your own writing.  See also 'assonance' - eg 's' in second verse etc.  Also use.  Josie 

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