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Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Making a Quilt


By Josie Whitehead

Giant Patchwork of This World (The)

In the giant patchwork of this world,

     I’m but a tiny part:

One little piece in this huge place,

      But I’ve a giant’s heart.


I’ve my skills to use, my words to speak,

     In this small patch of mine,

And, I hope my time upon this earth,

      Will be well-spent – I’ll shine!


I’m one of millions in this world –

     Yet each one is unique.

I hold the power within my heart

     To see, to think, to speak.


I’ll show respect for other folk

     Who share God’s world with me,

And, in this tapestry of life,

      I’ll add my artistry.


I’ll do my best for other folk;

     I’ll use God’s gifts with care,

And I hope the talents which I have,

      With others I may share.

Copyright on all my poems

NOTE:   I say 'I' in this poem but, when you read it, the 'I' will refer to you, of course.  However, don't just read this poem but believe that my words are also your own words, whoever you are, whatever skills or talents you have, or wherever you live in this shared world with me.  Good luck to you all.  Josie 


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