People Poems/Funny Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Swat the Lot .jpg
Swat the Lot

The fly is but a nasty pest

     Who likes to swoop and tease.

The mosquito is another one

     Who’ll drink your blood with ease.


The flea?   Aha – another one

     Who sets out just to bite,

But human beings?  What of them?

     With language they can smite.


Your fellow human’s gift of speech

     Can injure you  inside

And if he feels that he has won

     This feeds his inward pride.


These parasites are sent to peeve,

     To bedevil  and to irk,

But with fortitude let’s swat the lot

     And then return to work.

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You're lucky if you are getting through life without meeting others who want to 'injure you inside' and are enjoying the feeling that they have won because others find what he/she is doing, funny.  It's not funny at all and getting these sort of people out of your life is difficult sometimes.  I've met these people, and at an early age too, but also later, sadly.  Although my poem might be considered 'funny', there is an underlying message:  Don't set out to hurt others.  Josie