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Poems for Reflection
and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

Clock of Life.jpg
Clock of Life (The)

On wings of speed the time flies by;
     With cheerless haste it goes.
It vanishes before our eyes
     Like fields of melting snow.

Each mindless minute slips away,
     Each hour, each month and year;
The days of youth, our middle years,
     Too quickly disappear.

Christmastime soon comes and goes,
     Then Easter’s here again,
But the speed at which the clock ticks on 
     Is for everyone the same.

If you are rich or you are poor,
    From the day of your first breath,
You’ll never slow your clock of life
     Until you meet your death. 

Copyright on all my poems

This poem was chosen by teachers for publication in 2010.

You only have each minute once.  Leave something  worthwhile of yourself on this earth to show that you have lived here.  So, what have you done today?  Words I'll leave for you all and I hope they help you as well as entertain you.  Josie                              

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