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By Josie Whitehead

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Poems about Our Natural World

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By Josie Whitehead

Wind - A Simile Poem

Wind – Slowly drifting, wafting, quavering -
Like the sighing and whispering of leaves in the trees.

Wind – as lively and changeable as a child’s mind -
Flish-flash, flish-flash from one subject to the next.

Wind – tugging, yanking, straining, jerking -
Like a dog seeking freedom from its lead.

Wind – as teasing and annoying as
That alarm clock that awakens you too early.

Wind – roaring, blustering, screaming, ranting -
Like a wild banshee heralding death.

Wind – as cooling, refreshing  and invigorating -
As the iced lollipop that melts on your tongue.

Wind – purposefully, steadily, meaningfully moving –
Like an aeroplane journeying through the sky.

Wind – as necessary and life-giving as human breath –
Breathing life into our wonderful world.



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*quavering:  quaver:  (as with a voice):  if somebody’s voice quavers, it is unsteady, usually because the person is nervous or afraid.  Perhaps the wind is a little uncertain whether to blow or not.