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Anti-Bullying Poems

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Change Starts With Us

Bullying is a cruel way

     To have one's bit of fun.

Sadly people do these things,

    When all is said and done.


The love that's shown to other folk

     Is good, there is no doubt.

So turn your back on bullying

     And let love flow freely out.


The effect of bullying is bad;

     It can ruin one’s future life.

It cuts into a human heart

    Exactly like a knife.


Bullying can start a war,

    And we all can quickly see

That hate may very quickly grow

    For you and also me.


Bullies like to be in charge

    And exercise control.

Making others flee in fright

      Seems to be their goal.       


Change starts here and right away

     Involving you and me,

And, jointly, we can end this thing

      As you will quickly see.

Copyright on all my poems

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