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Our Natural World

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Air We Breathe (The)

You breathe it in, you blow it out;
     You breathe it in again
And it isn't sunshine, isn't fog
     And I know it isn't rain.

The winds all blow it round our world;
     It travels everywhere.
It's blown around the chimney tops
      And you'll know we call it air.

It's blown round towns and villages.
     It's blown around the sea
And in the air is oxygen -
     That's something you can't see.

Without this very special thing
     We'd die and that's for sure,
And it's freely given to us all -
    To rich and also poor.

It's the most important thing in life
     For everything on earth
And you will need it - lots of it -
     From the moment of your birth.

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The air which you breathe in doesn't just contain oxygen.  Oxygen only makes up about 21% of air.  Nitrogen is another ingredient and about 78% of air is made of this.  There are also small amounts of argon, carbon dioxide and methane.  Air isn't just important for humans but plants and all animal life can't survive without it.  Josie