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People Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Always in Trouble
Boy .jpg

'Who’s taken the biscuits and gobbled the chocs,
Put mud on the path and worn holes in his socks?
     And who’s splashed this water all over my floor,
     And gone out of the house without shutting my door?'

'Well I am the one with the crumbs on my clothes,
With my wellies still on and chocolate on nose.
     I admit it was I who did not clean the bath,
     And I whom you saw as I ran down the path.

'Now I do what I do for I'm just a small boy

But adults do things which for certain annoy . . . for . . .

    At night when I'm woken by a noise through my door
    It’s caused by their earth-shaking, deafening snores!

Copyright on my poems

PS  I love this little boy's cheeky face don't you? 

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