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People Poems:
Babies soon grow into Children

By Josie Whitehead

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Blonde Baby Girl


By Josie Whitehead

Baby You're Beautiful

From the smile on your lips, to your beautiful eyes –
With your soft, golden hair, you’d soon win a prize.
   I know that I’m prejudiced, because you are mine,
     But Baby you’re beautiful.  I think you’re divine.

As I move round the room, your eyes following me,
You’re absorbing the new things you’re able to see.
You’ve come into this world and just captured my heart
    And I knew this would happen right from the start.

Now Baby you’re growing – you’ll soon be a child.
Your charms are enchanting; my heart is *beguiled.
    You toddle to me for a kiss and embrace.
    How can I resist such a dear little face?

You’re studying pictures and learning new words;
You’re playing on swings and pointing to birds.
    You’re tottering round on your unsteady feet:
    Oh you’re such fun to be with, and so very sweet.

You’re a beautiful baby, but I’ve said that before,
But I shouldn’t say 'Baby', for now you are four.
    Your school and new friends will take up your time,
   But don't forget Baby you’ll always be mine.

* Beguiled: charmed/enchanted/uplifted

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Written for my 2 grandchildren:  Jessica and Daniel, although they're quite grown up now.  They are both much-loved, of course.  This was chosen, along with almost 400 other poems, by teachers and children in schools right across West Yorkshire, and it was published in one of 5 books (Celebrations) by AMS Educational Ltd.  Sadly it is out of print now, but in our public library. Oh I'd love to have this printed again but in the meantime you have it here.   Josie

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