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S p o r t s   P o e m s

- Cricket  -

By Josie Whitehead

Batting and Bowling - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Batting and Bowling

I’ll take you to a village field

      Where a blackbird sings nearby.

The sun shines down from high above

      From a summer’s cloudless sky.


You’ll not find farmers working here,

      Nor a show of summer flowers,

For it’s here, on summer days like this,

     Folk spend their leisure hours.


Dressed all in white, two gallant teams

    Hold battle on a pitch.

They hope their scores will proudly rise

     With neither hitch nor glitch.


Here comes the bowler:  Watch that ball!

     With mind fixed on that wicket,

The batsman runs and aims the ball,

     All in the name of cricket.


Ball hits the bat, then sails through space,

    Whilst the batsman starts to run.

All eyes are now fixed on that ball

     With hopes the game is won.


The cricket match eventually ends;

     The winning team feel great 

And refreshments now are on the cards

      With little time to wait.


The sun shines down, they sip their tea;

     Their game’s quite at its end,

But the winners will be back next week

     Their title to defend.


Copyright on all my poems

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